Bootstrap Themes

3+ Years

Three-year-olds are at an age where they are developing social skills and learning how to interact with their peers. Our program provides opportunities for children to socialize with other children their age, practice turn-taking and sharing, and learn how to resolve conflicts.



Children learn how to share and take turns and learn how to deal with their emotions around other people.

Language Development

A child's speech and language development becomes more advanced starting around age 3 through age 5.

Cognitive Development

Cognitive skills allow children to understand the relationships between ideas, to grasp the process of cause and effect and to improve their analytical skills.


Building independence gives your child a sense of importance and belonging which is essential for building social relationships.

Developing independence and social skills

Our program includes hands-on learning experiences, social-emotional skill building, early literacy and numeracy, and creative expression through art and music.

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Schedule. 3-year-olds benefit from structure.

We have two program offerings for three-year-olds. 2-Day AM and 3-Day PM.

2-Day AM meets two mornings each week. This program emphasizes "learn through play" with activities designed to strengthen motor skills and boost cognitive development. Music is often integrated and imaginative play is encouraged. Letters and numbers are a big part of the curriculum. By the end of this program children will be able to take part in coordinated song and dance, recognize their name in print, and understand their place in the rhythm of the classroom.

3-Day PM meets three afternoons each week. The curriculum mirrors that of the 2-Day AM with an extra day for practice and enrichment.

Snack Time!

Parents are encouraged to pack their kiddos a snack.

Environment. A supportive space.

Our program provides opportunities for children to grow and practice self-help skills, such as using the bathroom independently.

Our teachers and staff create positive relationships with children and families.

Parent Communication.

Children benefit from a strong partnership between parents and teachers. Our program fosters open communication with families in our positive and safe environments.

Teachers will conduct regular check-ins, provide progress reports, and parent-teacher conferences to keep families informed of their child's development.

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Our Programs

Ages 24 - 36 Months

Toddlers are at a critical stage of development so we tailor the curriculum to their individual unqiue needs.

Ages 3+

Three-year-olds are at an age where they are developing social skills and learning how to interact with their peers.

Ages 4+

Pre-K can provide four-year-olds with a strong foundation for academic and personal success.

STEAM Program

An exciting enrichment opportunity at GAPNS. Themed sessions are broken down into 6-week segments for both enrolled students and preschool-aged children outside of GAPNS. Past themes included "Fall in Love with Fall", "Kinder Kitchen", and "Once Upon a Time."

Summer Camp

Summer Camp at GAPNS is strictly fun! Each week is a different theme. Campers will have a blast with craft projects, singing and dancing, and outdoor water play. Camp weeks will be announced at the Spring Membership Meeting.